Super Bounce Balls
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1 Kit
List price: $12.99

Get ready racers, because Goo Hu—the Magical Moldable Matter—has brought you the ultimate in bouncing balls. And the best part is you get to make it yourself. Mix it, mold it, insert an awesome character inside it, and bounce like you’ve never bounced before. Challenge your friends and see who can make the coolest ball—and whose can bounce the highest! Welcome to the world of Goo Hu—more bounce for the ounce!

Key features:
• Two ball molds make numerous super bouncing balls
• Includes 8 pods of the amazing Goo Hu compound
• The kit also includes 4 double-sided character cutouts         
• Certified non-toxic                                                                                                                                       
• Recommended for children ages 6 and up